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First Time Landlords – Tips for Success

By following these simple steps can ensure, you can be less likely to have tenant issues with your new rental property.


Prior to listing your property for lease, be sure you have addressed all issues no matter how small it may seem.  First time landlords, sometimes think that they can address the smaller issues once the property has been rented.  This is not the good idea, as the new tenant will see the property as problematic and issues that may not have otherwise been of concern become a bigger deal. Use Professional Photos for Listing; this helps to bring a higher level of client/tenant. If they see it is well taken care of they will also take good care.


First time Landlords often feel they need to be friends with tenant. This doesn’t always work out well.  When a “Friend” non “Professional” relation develops, most times without meaning malice or intent, The tenants can assume that because of the friendship they can do things that were not permitted by lease, or they will use the friendship to get more than was provided or offered in lease.  It is always best to maintain a friendly but “Professional Distance”.  1) Setup separate email address for correspondence with tenants. 2) State the best way to be contacted contact is via email, phone or text, whichever you feel most comfortable.


Regular maintenance (ie: landscape/spa maintenance, etc) should be done at regular scheduled times, without the need to be called by tenants. This sends a clear signal that you know what is going on and they will be carful to also maintain good behaviors.


Set clear guidelines for use of the property that is presented to tenant with lease signing. Ie: no smoking on premises, now loud noise or gatherings after a certain time, do not paint or make any physical changes to property without prior landlord approval, no pets, etc.


Should maintenance issues or other concerns occur, address promptly and clearly. This establishes a trust and responsible relationship with tenants.


With any online listing system, landlords have a built in background and credit screen system that can help to weed out potential problems. Be aware of red flags such as multiple moves with a year, low credit score, etc.  These systems are built into Zillow,, Westside and are generally free to landlords or for minimal cost $20 or so.. They will also provide Applications, and Lease Agreements. (I can also provide these)

Rams-Chargers Stadium Construction in Inglewood is at 40% Completion

The future home of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers football teams has hit a major construction milestone.

Today, the Inglewood project “topped out,” a term that’s used to signify that the highest steel beam on the stadium has been put into place.

The project is now nearly 40 percent complete. Concrete columns and other elements that will eventually support the shiny, transparent roof canopy are being installed at the site now.

Not yet installed is the 120-yard video screen, Oculus, which will run along the top of the field, just under the roofline.

The stadium, projected to cost $2.6 billion, is on track to open in summer 2020, according to the LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park, as the 298-acre property containing the future stadium and the vast neighborhood that will spring up around it is called. The community is scheduled to open in phases, starting in 2020.

Not long after it opens, the stadium will be thrust into the national spotlight, not only as the largest and most expensive football stadium to date, but also as the host of the 2022 Super Bowl (not the 2021 event, as once planned).

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the community around the stadium would open in 2023. It will open in stages, starting in 2020.

Credit:  LA Stadium and Entertainment District;, Photo Credit: Hiro Ueno.